Selling is becoming more and more difficult, the gap between leaders and underachievers in sales performance is measured by years of organic development or huge amounts of investments in the sales system.
Why should you contact us
Vessna is a company specializing in organizing, transforming and supporting sales processes.
For those lagging behind, the cost of selling is constantly growing, approaching a critical point, when it makes no economic sense to sell.
New opportunities are constantly opening up for leaders to sell more, more efficiently, through technology, management, ideas and experimentation.
Today, there is only one thing that any company is ready to buy, and that is sales growth.
We develop our own cloud-based system of organization and quality control QueueMagic, and provide consulting services in the field of sales, marketing and IT for our clients
Vessna experts has more than 15 years of experience in sales, finance, IT, marketing, PG, advertising, management in Russa, Kazakhstan, Hungary
Our values are honesty, quality and efficiency. It is a pleasure for us to work for our clients. We are open to new ideas and feedback.
We work with leaders and help those who want to travel the path of building an effective sales system without unnecessary mistakes and waste of time and money.
Vessna team
Our team has all the competencies to create a high-tech, system-wide, scalable sales infrastructure based on industry standards and current best practices. Our partners and experts have at least 15 years experience in their fields.
More than 20 years of experience in banks in Russia and Kazakhstan, financial and industrial groups in sales, marketing, PR and administration
Andrei Tretiakov
15 years of experience in banks in Russia and Kazakhstan, financial and industrial groups and other projects in the field of marketing, public relations and administration.
Svetlana Zykova
Partner, marketing and sales projects
Partner, CEO, Business localization projects in Europe, PR, GR
Более 20 лет работы в банках России и Казахстана, финансово-промышленных группах в области информационных технологий и администрирования
Игорь Коваль
Партнер, Проекты в области информационных технологий
Member of the Russian-Hungarian Working Group on Economic and Investment Cooperation, created with the participation of Russian and Hungarian companies, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Member of the Kazakhstan Association of Independent Directors, the only specialized non-profit organization in Kazakhstan in the field of development of the Institute of Independent Directors
Our experts
Selected as the best trainer for SPIN sales in 2012. (based on research by CitiBank Group).
Sergey Losev
More than 20 years of experience in internal control, financial monitoring and detection of abusive parctices in large Russian companies.
Сергей Данилов
Expert, sales organization projects
Expert, corruption preventing
Over 45 years of experience in building and managing HR services and effective HR administration for the benefit of the employer.
Expert, HR projects in sales
Sergey Trenin
Our services
  • Current state of the sales process audit, growth areas identification
  • Development and configuration of all elements and systems of the sales process
  • Selection and training of personnel of all levels for sales departments
  • Effective HR documentation for the work of the sales departmen
Construction of sales deps on a turnkey basis
  • Development of a strategy and price details for attracting customers
  • Creation of sale-optimized websites and launching advertising on the Internet
  • Automation of collecting and processing of leads in Bitrix24 CRM
  • Professional testing of hypotheses and communication channels
Attracting warm customers
  • Unique methodology "One implementation — one expert"
  • Detailed analysis of processes, and fitting up the system to the client's workflows
  • Unique experiences and many life hacks of CRM effective implementation
  • Special emphasis on training and personal counseling of employees
Effective CRM implementation
  • Clear and simple reporting methodology
  • Non-standard production and other calendars (4-4-5, etc.)
  • Development and maintenance of integrated analytical systems
  • Regular updates of sales reports for cliets
Sophisticated analytics for sales departments
  • Monitoring and identification of malpractice
  • Identification of potential risks of losses in sales and purchases
  • Recommendations on minimizing losses in sales and purchases
  • HR measures against unscrupulous employees
Corruption preventing in sales and purchases
  • Opening and administration of companies in the EU
  • Search for partners, and negotiations in EU countries
  • Representing the interests of your company in the EU
  • Organizing the obtainment of a European residence permit for company owners
Support for your business in Europe
Vessna clients
Deep immersion in the processes and operational activities of the client
Feedback and recommendations
The reviews of clients is the best confirmation of trust in the future strategic partner . We are proud of the reviews and recommendations we receive about our work.
Vessna News
We pay great attention to inform about our projects and joint achievements with our clients and partners.
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    The interests of Vessna in Russia are represented by Tretiakov IE . 123376, Moscow, B. Predtechensky per., 23, apt. 17.